Quayside is a stunning suburban region in Newcastle that is neatly situated on the northern side of the River Tyne. Stunning views, exciting walks and plenty of activities for visitors and residents are just a handful of the things that can be enjoyed – and if you’re willing to walk for a few minutes inland, you’ll even find a street market filled with a variety of fresh produce, goods and consumables.

Is there more to this region?

Of course there is – otherwise we wouldn’t even bother mentioning it! There are a host of modern art studios, musical hotspots and a range of cultural areas to enjoy. After the local docks suffered with wear and tear, the local authority invested millions into renovating the area and you’ll now find a range of bars, restaurants, cafés, night clubs, residential housing and commercial properties all over the region.

What was once a quiet port for fishing vessels is now one of the liveliest communities within Newcastle and if you’re planning on visiting any time soon – the only thing that you’ll need is a camera to make sure that you capture your memories! But we know what you’re here for or we can assume at least, and that’s information on the salons, spas and beauty clinics in the area.

And you won’t be disappointed

When we say that there are dozens of salons in the Quayside region, we aren’t exaggerating. Some are traditional, others are modern and certain ones even combine the best of both worlds. There are those that specialise in Oriental and Indian-inspired massage therapies, whilst others offer a broader variety of services to their clientele.

If you’re looking for a world-class hair treatment, beauty therapy, or pampering day in general then look no further. We’ve put together a list of some of the most prominent services in the region for your enjoyment, so why not take a look at our top 10 listings to see if we can help to connect you with your ideal provider.