The rural parish of Newburn is just about as quaint and traditional as they come, with many of the homes being built on the same foundations that were constructed more than one hundred years ago. The local station road acts as the central hub of the region, with most traffic making its way in and out of the area through this street. It’s just one of the locations that can be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

What else is there to do, exactly?

If you like the idea of a quiet stroll along the riverside you won’t be disappointed, there’s shopping potential to be found on the local high street – and if you’re a fan of history and ancient civilisations, Roman remains can be spotted alongside the River Tyne (which runs through the region) and there’s even a Norman church that dates back to 1070 AD!

If you’re more of a fan of modern activities however, then there’s a large row of shops and retail outlets on Station Road, as well as several restaurants that specialise in fast food and fine dining in the same direction. There are also a couple of parks to be found on both sides of the region and various leisure facilities for those wanting to swim, stay in shape, or enjoy a spot of sport.

And what of the beauty salons?
Let’s not forget that this bustling community also plays host to some of the most exciting salons in the entirety of Newcastle, thanks in no small part to its proximity to local educational facilities that are responsible for training up the latest batch of therapists. You’ll find a few chain brands, a couple of privately owned salons catering to hair and beauty treatments and even a handful of mobile therapists if you decide to hire one for an appointment at your hotel or place of residence.

The best place to start is with our listings, as we’ve gotten to grips with some of the most reputable and affordable salons in the area before bringing their information directly to your screen. And what will you have to do? Nothing beyond picking one and getting in touch – it’s as simple as that!