The historic market town of Morpeth is easily one of the greenest that we’ve ever seen, making it a huge deal to those that want to get back to their roots and enjoy all that the stunning British countryside has to offer. There’s the Morpeth Court House that can be visited by locals and passer’s by alike, as well as a host of other walkways, some of which are more sinister than others – as we’ll now tell you.

What? Ghosts and spooky goings-on? Tell us more!

Yes, Morpeth is one of those seemingly haunted regions of the UK that is just about as terrifying as they come. For a start, the name of the region literally translates to ‘murder path’. Why? No one knows anymore, but researchers have discovered that the small suburban region played host to a series of grisly murders – but that’s literally all that’s known.

Don’t worry if you are planning on visiting however, as the area now enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the Northern part of England. These days there are several exciting things to see and do, and as a large part of the region has been converted to cater to commercial sectors as well as residential ones; there’s certainly no shortage of shopping areas, restaurants, leisure centres and other sources of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

And more importantly – there are salons!

You read that right, even with its historic stories and its incredible organic layout, this region also plays host to a lovely range of salons as well. There are some that specialise in hair treatments, others that offer beauty therapies and even one or two that provide laser surgeries to those that want fresh looking skin without having to spend months in treatment.

You can learn more about them right now by taking a look at our salon listings, where you’ll find 10 of the best that we’ve come across in the region. Once you find one that you like the sound of you can simply book yourself into a session and enjoy the results!