The residential suburban region of Jesmond in Newcastle is easily one of the most highly sought-after in the entirety of Tyne – and for good reason. The main resident area is boarded by a stunning variety of trees on all sides, with views of farmland the further out that you travel and then three large buildings in the centre of the region. There are even several cycle paths and pedestrian walkways in the area, making this part of Newcastle one of the most environmentally friendly.

Is there much to do here?

With a population of just under 13,000 residents, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the supply and demand for things to do would be at an all-time low. In reality, there’s so much to do in this region that we couldn’t possible hope to list it all. There’s an active transportation system, a lively nightlife scene, a host of dozens of shops and retail outlets for those that want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and even a selection of leisure centres.

You’ll also find a main cinema, a high street that’s chock-a-block with entertainment and a range of bars, pubs and cafés – many of which are open until late. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also St George’s Terrace; a region that is dedicated to commercial activities and businesses for people just like you to enjoy whenever you are planning on visiting Jesmond.

Are there many salons here?

We wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t tell you that there are literally dozens of salons to choose from in this region. Why this might be we can only venture a guess that it has a lot to do with the local colleges that specialise in higher education, with plenty of students living in the area to pursue careers as therapists and other types of experts.

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