Have you ever had the fortune of laying your eyes on the ridiculously stunning Hexham Abbey? No? Then why not book a trip to this lovely region of Newcastle today and see for yourself? It’s just one of the many landmarks and monuments in the area and with a population of just 12,000 inhabitants, you won’t have to worry about sharing your coat with a stranger either.

Is there much to do in Hexham?

That all depends on what you enjoy doing. The region is inland, so if you’re hoping to get to the coast you might have to book a cab – or take your own car. If you’re happy staying in the township itself then we’re sure that you’ll find a lot to enjoy, such as the local river that runs through the area, the variety of shops and retail outlets and the vast array of eateries close by.

If you’re into history and tradition we’ve already covered the Abbey, but another iconic sight would have to be St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church – a gothic structure dating back about eight centuries. There are plenty of cab agencies operating in the region and a couple of bus routes that can help with getting about, but personally we feel that the best way to take everything in is by walking to your destination.

And what might your destination be exactly?

The salons of course – of which there are plenty to choose from! You’ll find a few large chain brands as well as several privately owned clinics and retail outlets. Our personal favourites are listed right here on this website, as well as others that we can’t deny offer some of the most effective results for those on a tight budget.

It all depends on what you are hoping to enjoy, so why not head on over to our listings and see for yourself? We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed, but just in case you need a little advice, then why not get in touch with our friendly team today – we’ll be happy to help.