If you’re looking for one of the most affluent regions in Newcastle, then make sure to put Gosforth in your itinerary. It’s a little north of the centre of the city – and until recently, it was considered an urban region. This all changed when millions of pounds were invested into renovating the region and now it’s just about as suburban as they come.

What’s the actual region like?

With a low crime rate, a small population of about 24,000 people and idyllic views in all directions – this location is easily one of our favourites in Newcastle. It’s not too far from the coastline either, making it easy to travel to the beach when the weather allows – but as it’s neatly situated in the heart of eastern Newcastle upon Tyne, you’ll always be well-connected whatever you have planned.

When we say well-connected, we really mean it. There are plenty of bus routes, cab services and even a couple of train lines that run through the region. The Gosforth High Street is one of the most famous in the county, with traditional shops lining up alongside modern market stalls in an effort to obtain your business.

But what about the fashion, lifestyle and salon scenes?

If you’re looking for a great way to pamper yourself for the day then you won’t go wrong by taking a trip into the centre of the town and getting to grips with what’s available. The fashion scene for instance, is supported by a whopping variety of clothing and retail outlets. Then there’s the presence of numerous restaurants, eateries and bars to enjoy.

But where this region really stands out from the crowd is with the volume of its beauty salons. There are dozens – and that’s no exaggeration. From the smallest, privately owned premises to the largest chain brands there are plenty of facilities to enjoy – and as most make a point of employing highly qualified therapists, you’ll be able to rest assured that you are in the best of hands.