Newcastle upon Tyne is well-known for its stunning architecture, its enjoyable way of life and its friendly locals – and if national treasure Cheryl Cole hails from this famous region it must be good, right? Gateshead in particular is one of those areas that is as appealing as it is iconic. It’s named after its historic responsibility of acting as the head gate to thwart sea-faring intruders such as the Vikings, but nowadays it simply acts as a connective port filled with things to see and do.

So, what can you do here exactly?

There are cinemas, theatres, sports clubs, leisure centres and much more. In fact there’s so much to do that you’ll be amazed at how you’ll barely feel surrounded by 120,000 people that call this region their home! Most locals are happy to have themselves referred to as Geordies, so you won’t cause offence by using this term – but if you’re really keen to make friends, then just try not to misunderstand the strong accent of the locals!

For those of you that might be worrying about getting around, don’t! There are more bus services than you could shake a stick at – and as Gateshead is one of the most well-connected regions in Newcastle, you will even find a handful of train lines that run through the area. But we know what you’re really here for. It’s the fashion. It’s the lifestyle. It’s the salons!

So, what do we have to tell you about them?

Well, if you’re looking for boring, mundane beauty salons and hair clinics then you might want to start searching elsewhere. This area is known far and wide for the quality and affordability of its beauty centres – some of which are frequented by celebrities (including Cheryl Cole). If you are after style that doesn’t come with a ridiculous price tag then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at our listings.

Why you ask? Because we know how many salons are out there in this area and we’ve done everything that we can to help you to narrow down your options. And what can you expect from our findings? Only the best of course – based on our own experience and that of our audience, so what have you got to lose?