Whether you’re on a pilgrimage and the Church of the Holy Cross has attracted you, or if you’ve heard about the ridiculous number of students studying beauty therapy in the region and you fancy an affordable appointment; there’s no denying that Fenham in Newcastle can be pretty appealing. Not only does it have one of the liveliest city centres in the region, packed with shops and activities to enjoy – there are plenty of historic landmarks and enjoyable things to do, too.

Like what, UK 10 Best team?

Well, like a trip to the nearby Fenham Hall – an iconic building that dates back to 1748 and notoriously has required little to no maintenance over the years beyond a few brick and tile repairs. Then there’s St Mary’s College, a training establishment that is responsible for many of the local therapists that go on to work in the numerous salons in the region.

Travelling around is easy as well; with a range of bus services, cab agencies and cycle paths to take advantage of, but as the region is only moderate in size, you could probably walk from one side of it to the next in a matter of hours. If you like the idea of picnics then you’ll be excited to hear that the local parks are open to all – and as if that wasn’t enough there’s also a public swimming pool and several other exciting areas to explore.

But what about the salons?

Oh yes, we almost forgot. If you’re on our website you probably want to learn about the salons, so we won’t disappoint you. There are several in the region, with some being serviced by the newly qualified therapists that recently obtained their licenses and others playing host to some of the most experienced beauticians and hair stylists in Newcastle upon Tyne.

It all depends on what you’re looking for and how much you have to spend. You’ll find several listed on this very website, so why not take a look at our featured salons and see if you can find one that suits your preferences and budget?