The world famous marketplace in Corbridge Town Centre is often more than enough to have people flocking from far and wide to enjoy it every week, but is there more to this town than meets the eye? We like to think so, or else we wouldn’t even bother mentioning it! The township itself has roots that can be traced back to Roman times making it one of the most historic in Newcastle, but as we said above – there’s much more than meets the eye here.

Like what, UK 10 Best?

Well, what about the stunningly gothic buildings such as St Andrew’s Church of England parish? The building was built using stones from Hadrian’s Wall and that’s a fact that can be pretty appealing to visitors and fans of history. There’s also a First World War memorial if you fancy paying your respects to our fallen heroes and many more iconic monuments that can be enjoyed.

As far as getting around is concerned you’ll find it incredibly easy we’d imagine. The local A69 road connects you to the township and other outlying regions. Once you’re there you will find an active railway line (Corbridge Railway Station) and a host of cab services, bus routes and more. Travelling will be simple, so you can sit back and enjoy the features that you’re really there for, which are…

The salons!

You read that right, it’s almost like we knew what you were thinking, isn’t it? Fortunately for you there are plenty of salons in the region, from those that offer hair care treatments and traditional therapies, to the ones that specialise in modern treatments – including laser surgeries and more. You’ll feel spoilt for choice even without our list to choose from, but if you’re keen to hone in on the best service for you then we’d definitely suggest starting right here.

And what will you find in our listings exactly? Only some of the best beauty salons, hair clinics and more in the region! Why spend any more time thinking about your options, when you’ll find a great selection neatly lined up for your enjoyment?