Arthur’s Hill is situated on a large open expanse of land that is above sea level and right up until the mid-1820s, the entire region was known as Westgate. This might strike some of you as strange, as there is another town in Kent (near Margate) that actually shares the same name – and some say that this was why they decided to change it to Arthur’s Hill all of those years ago. Now, if you are wondering who on Earth Arthur is, he was the son of Isaac Cookson; one of the developers of the estate that can still be seen in the region today.

Is there much to see here?

If you’re a commercial enterprise or an entrepreneur, you might certainly appreciate the variety of industrial premises in the area. One section has been dedicated to commercial activities and the other has been modified to act as suitable accommodation for the residents that call this region their home.

One of the most iconic sights has to be the assortment of Indian shops, restaurants and retail outlets and the region itself actually plays host to some of the largest Indian populations throughout the entirety of Newcastle. This can be great for those that appreciate culture, as well as those that fancy enjoying a taste of a different continent when it comes to their products and services.

And what about the beauty salons in the area?

Another very appealing aspect of this region is that many of the beauty salons are Indian-inspired and offer advanced therapies hailing from the continent. As meditation was said to have been established in India, it’s not uncommon to see references of this heritage within the salons themselves, but there are still others that offer traditional and modern services instead.

We’ve featured a selection of some of the best that we’ve come across and you’ll find them neatly listed right here on this very website. It won’t matter what your budget or preferences might be; we can all but assure you that you’ll find one to meet your needs, so why not take a look for yourself and see what you can find out about the hair salons and beauty centres in this region?