Spa Day Treatments For Hands And Feet

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People generally go to a spa day to get a full body massage, and to feel rejuvenated. A complete head to toe massage can relax the body and the mind. But, there are some body parts, like hands and feet, which require special attention. As they are the most exposed body parts, they go through a lot of wear and tear in the daily life, and start looking jaded. Well, the spa day gives out some special treatments for hands and feet, as well. These treatments not only pamper your hands and feet, but also make them look well-cared.

Spa manicure for the hands

A manicure involves soaking the hands in warm sea salt water. A gentle exfoliation is done afterwards, and a hydrating mask is applied. Once the mask is removed, a gentle arm and hand massage is given. The dirt is removed from the nails, and the nails are shaped. A nail polish is then applied to the nails, to make them look dazzling. There are different kinds of nail products available, and some of them are especially suited for natural nails. After this detailed massage, your hands not only become soft and supple, they also look lovely.

Spa pedicure for the feet

In a traditional pedicure, the feet are soaked in warm soapy water. This makes the calluses soft. After the initial soak, a scrub is done to exfoliate the feet. This helps in removing the cracks and the dirt from the soles. A relaxing leg and foot massage follows the scrub. This is usually done with a special moisturiser. The foot massage soothes the tensed muscles, and relaxes them completely. The cuticles are cleaned and the nails are shaped. Finally, a nail polish is applied to the beautiful looking nails. Your feet start looking lovely again.

Paraffin treatment for hands and feet

One can also go for the hydrating paraffin treatment, in which a wax masque is applied on the hands and feet. This enhances and nourishes the hands and feet.

Anti-aging manicure and pedicure

With age, people start developing wrinkles on their body. These wrinkles become more prominent on the face and the hands. While anti-ageing facials can deal with the face, there are some special anti-ageing manicure and pedicures for the hands and the feet. These contain anti-oxidants, retinol and amino acid complex, which help in reducing the fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles. These not only improve the texture of the hands, but also enhance the tone and the skin colour. These can help in fighting the ageing process.

Detox manicures

This treatment is especially useful for stimulating the blood circulation to the nails. These also improve the growth of the nails. The nails become stronger, and don’t chip off easily.

The special hand and foot spa day treatments stimulate the pores on the skin, which make them absorb all the essential oils. There are different kinds of essential oils that are used in day spas, and you can choose the oil that you prefer. These oils and the massage make the hands and feet soft and silky.