Popular Celebrity Haircuts To Follow This Season

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With 2016 crashing into us like a freight train, everybody has been abuzz with celebrities latest trends. The 58th Annual Grammy Awards in February witnessed some examples of style masterpieces.

Iconic hairstyles

If you are a fashion diva yourself, you should be looking for your favourite celebrities’ latest trends and fashion transformations. One aspect that celebrities commonly change through the year is their hair. Your mane is the easiest thing to manipulate on your body. Long, short, straight, curly, black, bond, you can style it whichever way you please. This is exactly what celebrities do. They set trends and become icons. Farrah Fawcett’s blonde waves, Audrey Hepburn’s beehive, Lady Diana’s bob, and Marilyn Monroe’s waves, they have all been examples of immortal hairstyles that have made their way into fashion time and again.

Celebrity hairstyles to look out for

When you are enviously staring at your favourite celebrity’s new hairstyle, you yearn to be able to copy her look. Well, it is not really that hard. All it takes is the know-how and a little practice. Here are some popular celebrity hairstyles you should keep your eyes out for this year.

Brunette is in! The brunette shade is a popular choice among ladies throughout the year, regardless of the season. It is a beautiful natural shade and highlights femininity. Although there are other hues such as pastel, ombre, rainbow which are catching on, the natural brunette will be a forever favourite among the classy ladies. Katie Holmes, Mila Kunis, and Mila Jovovich are names that are synonymous with brunette beauty.

Are you ready for the bob? If you are considering a bob, make sure you get a professional hairdresser to cut your hair. Countless celebrities are refreshing their fashion quotient with bobs of all kinds – soft, blunt, short, long. Supermodel Gigi Hadid, singer Ellie Goulding, music sensation Miley Cyrus have been sporting bobs since the beginning of the year. Taylor Swift presented her new bob at the recent Grammy Awards.

The surprising pixie. This hairstyle has been the most unexpected makeover among female celebrities. The pixie turns your appearance around, giving you a more stylish look. You can style it to either enhance your feminine features or make yourself appear more professional. Charlize Theron and Emma Watson have been rocking the pixie since a while now.

Long and strong. Although the bobs and pixies seem more fun, the long style will always remain in style. Men love women with long hair, although they do not usually appreciate the effort behind caring for and maintaining your locks. A long mane allows you to style it however you please. Go retro, punk, suave, or even a slick ponytail looks great. Sometimes, a simple partition is all it takes. Hawaiian singer Nicole Scherzinger, Selena Gomez, and Lana Del Rey are examples of long-haired sirens.

Do not forget the trendy hairstyles. Pay attention to your favourite celebrities for their latest quirky hairstyles while parading on the red carpet. Try out the fashionable pomp or pouf for your date night.

You can always experiment with your celebrities’ hairstyles by adding a small glamour factor of your own, such as highlights or extensions. Follow your celebrities’ Instagram pages or keep your eyes peeled for their latest trends during events. Visit your local hair salons for tips and ideas. Also, do not be afraid to try new styling products, especially the ones endorsed by your favourite celeb.