Medical Spa Days

Medical spas are rising in popularity for both women, as well, as men. These spas are also referred to as med spas or medi-spas. Medical spas are a hybrid between a medical clinic and a regular day spa where you can visit for the entire day for various treatments and therapies. A medical spa aims to have a mix of the finest features of both these worlds; a relaxing experience that is the trademark of a spa, coupled by the expertise and procedures that are usually overseen by a medical practitioner or doctor.

medical spa

Treatments offered at a medical spa
The services offered may vary and will depend on the particular expertise of medical spa that you are visiting. You can expect to find different types of treatments ranging from hair removal, ageing skin, acne problems and many more.

Similar to a regular day spa, a medical spa usually offers luxurious therapies and treatments such as salt glows, facials and seaweed wraps.

Specialised treatments are also offered by a medical spa that is otherwise available only at the clinic of a dermatologist. Some other services offered by a medical spa may include chemical peels, injectables such as Botox, Restalyne and Juvederm and laser and light treatments.

If you are one of thousands that have been suffering from an acne problem, you will be happy to know that a medical spa offers special procedures and therapies for treating breakouts, reduce scarring, and many other skin related conditions, thus improving your skin’s overall appearance.

Differences between a regular day spa and a medical day spa
The most obvious distinction between a medical spa and a regular day spa is that a day spa does not offer any type of medical procedures, where as a medical spa will specialise in specific clinical medical treatments.

A traditional day spa does not require any affiliation or accreditation by a medical body, however you will find that many medical spas are medically accredited and certified. Medical spa procedures or therapies are not necessarily done at a medical spa by licensed medical practitioner, however these procedures are conducted under the watchful supervision of a medical practitioner. In many cases such a doctor has specialised in dermatology or a plastic surgery.

No two medical spas will offer the same set of specialised treatments. While some of these medical spas look as posh and sophisticated as a normal day spa, others may appear much more clinical. The majority of the medical spas are focused on the results produced, while a traditional day spa aims to provide complete relaxation to its clients.