How To Take Care Of Coloured Hair

coloured hair
Coloured hair can give you a complete makeover, but if you aren’t careful, you could end up causing long term damage to your beautiful tresses. Here are some tips on how to take care of coloured hair so that it stays soft, silky and gorgeous always.

Start the hair care before the treatment

You might imagine that care of coloured hair should begin the moment the colourist steps away from your chair in the salon, but you would be wrong. In fact, caring for coloured hair begins with preparing it correctly before the actual treatment. For a month before you plan to colour your hair, you need to deep condition your hair regularly. Avoid using any other chemical treatments during this period. Your nourished revitalised hair will recover from the damage from styling and heat and be in its best condition to receive the colour. Get a haircut or trim to do away with split ends if any.

Don’t shampoo right after you colour

The first misstep many people make after getting their hair coloured is to wash it with shampoo the day after it has been coloured. Styling pros suggest waiting at least 3 days after the treatment before shampooing. That’s because it takes around 72 hours for the hair’s cuticle to close completely trapping the colour molecule with it, ensuring your hair colour lasts longer.

And then don’t shampoo too often

Even after the 72 hour wait is over, don’t see that as license to wash your hair as often as you like. Each time you shampoo, the colour on your hair will fade ever so slightly, even though this may be imperceptible to the eye. Retain the vibrancy of the colour you have used by allowing your scalp to hold on to the natural oils that it creates to condition your treated hair. Shampoo no more than twice or thrice a week.

Use the right temperature of water

When you rinse your hair with hot water after shampooing, you end up lifting the outer cuticle layer causing colour loss. Avoid hot water and stick to lukewarm or room temperature water to prevent coloured hair from fading too soon.

Always condition

Never forget to use a good conditioner that’s formulated to protect coloured hair. Because coloured hair tends to be more brittle and dry, a conditioner protects it well, creating a layer that also helps reduce the loss of colour with time. From time to time, also treat your coloured hair to some deep conditioning treatment at the salon or at home. Simply use good old fashioned almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil once a week. Leave in for an hour or a little longer and rinse off. Hair masks also help rejuvenate hair and keep it soft and lustrous.

Careful what you do after a hair-wash

Towel drying roughly can be as bad as taking extremely high heat blow dryers to your coloured hair. Whenever possible gently remove the dampness with a towel and leave to dry naturally. If you do have to blow dry or use a curling iron or a flat iron, be sure to apply a heat protectant spray first.

Protect your hair at the pool

Swimming pools with chlorinated water spell disaster for coloured hair. Be sure to treat your hair with special serum to create a protective layer over your coloured hair before a swim. Always wear a swimming cap and don’t let strays slip out.

With a little extra care, you will have coloured hair that’s as beautiful and rich as you want it for much longer than before.