Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

The majority of women are always on the lookout for those essential beauty tips. They want to know how they can look and feel gorgeous without spending hours and hours at the hair stylists, at the beauty therapists or sitting in front of the mirror in the mornings.
Surely there are a few short cuts which can make a big difference but only take the minimum amount of time and effort?
Read on and find out:
* Always smudging your nail polish because you never have the time to let it dry properly? Well, here’s a tip, dunk your freshly painted nails into a bowl containing icy cold water and it will speed up the drying process.
* Do you end up with more nail polish on your fingers than on your nails? Well, here’s a top tip, rub a little olive oil around your nails before you start with the polish. This will make the removal of excess nail polish a much simpler process.
* Glittery polish is great for hiding chips. Regular nail polish is supposed to look smooth and brilliant but glittery polish is designed to have an uneven appearance, so if your polish gets chipped you don’t have to remove it all and start again. You can simply pop a sparkly coat over the top to hide those chips.
* Unfortunately glittery nail polish can be a little more difficult to remove. Those sparkles stick to your nails like glue. Instead of using a cotton ball to remove it, try gently rubbing with some sort of scouring pad. Gently is the key word here remember.
* The eyes have it. Tightly lined eyes look divine but can be difficult to achieve, particularly if you are not blessed with the steadiest of hands. Instead of attempting one long line why not use the broadest side of the tip of the eye liner pen and press down into the eye line using three or four quick stamps. This is a much easier and often more successful method.
* Chill your lip and eye pencils in the fridge if they are too soft to sharpen effectively. Just pop them in for an hour or so and you can significantly cut down on the amount you waste.
* Swirl your blush. Instead of strokes or sweeps try spinning the brush in tight circles between your cheekbone and your hairline to produce a flawless look. It will look like you’ve used an airbrush.
* Remove eye make-up quickly, easily and gently by adding a little coconut oil to your regular makeup remover. The makeup will slide off much more easily afterwards.
* Place a small piece of card between your eye lashes and your eye lid before you apply mascara. That way you can do a long a luscious sweep without getting the mascara all over your eyes.
These are just a few of the best beauty tips around which every woman should know. It shouldn’t have to take hours to look and feel beautiful once you know a few shortcuts.