5 Wonderful Flavoured Waxing Treatments

One of the painful things about being born as a woman, is the unsightly growth of hair, which one has to get rid of. In fact, the thought of plucking or waxing the hair is such a dreadful thought, that one actually keeps postponing it, till it can no longer be postponed. But, with the latest developments and some wonderful products available in the market, one can actually make this process a pleasant experience.

Given below are the details on some of the wonderful flavoured waxes, which makes waxing an enjoyable experience:

Chocolate wax: You probably thought that chocolate was only meant for eating. But, it actually contains those skin-friendly and natural ingredients like sunflower, cocoa, almond oil, soybean oil and glycerin, which can make hair removal completely painless. In fact, it has those anti-inflammatory properties and essential oils, which can help penetrate the moisture into the skin, and delay the hair growth. It can also wax off those tiny bits of hair quite smoothly, and leave the skin soft, radiant and smooth.

Aloe Vera wax: Aloe Vera is the magical miracle plant, which can do wonders to the skin. It contains the anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which can firm the skin, and also replace the dead cells on the skin. It is one of the best treatments for delicate and sensitive skin.

Strawberry wax: Does the name make your mouth water? Well, more than pleasing your palates, strawberries also have those skin-friendly ingredients, called alpha-hydroxy acid. This can revitalise the skin, and lighten it up. The Vitamin C in strawberries can also help in managing the oily skin. The anti-inflammatory properties ensure that the waxing does not cause any side effects.

Honey lemon wax: Honey and lemon have always been regarded as the health combo. They act as great moisturisers and anti-ageing agents. They have those wonderful anti-microbial properties, which can rejuvenate the skin, and delay the hair growth. They can also remove the skin tans.

Orange wax: Orange peel waxing is quite popular for oily skin. It gives a toning and cleansing effect, which can leave the skin smooth and radiant. These also have the anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory properties. Another great thing about orange wax is that it gives a natural bleaching effect and can help in lightening the skin. People with dry skin, wrinkles and acne will find this wax to be extremely useful.

So, with all these wonderful flavoured waxes available, one can actually look forward to the waxing experience. Based upon your skin type, and your preference, you can choose the wax you want. While selecting the wax, you should also consider the skin complexion. While Aloe Vera, strawberry and white chocolate wax work well on fair and normal skin, the dark chocolate wax should be used for dark skin.

Waxing will not give you those blues any more, and you can actually pamper yourself, and indulge your senses. With all the natural ingredients, your waxing experience will be made pleasant, and free of side effects.